Sweden: Islamic party rejected by Swedish authorities after “radical islamists” (101’ers) attempted party coup…….

Any Islamic party is bad news for a democracy and should be shunned, this is mere window dressing. The goals are the same, the eventual takeover of that society for Islam, with the introduction of the sharia law to be applied to Muslim and non-Muslim alike.


What we’re talking about here is strategy and stages by Muslim groups in how best to create an Islamic state within the non-Muslim host society. There is no moderate Islam, but Islam.


Islamic party rejected by authorities – Islamists attempted to take over the party

Published September 19, 2017 at 14.01


DOMESTIC. The Islamic party, “Jasin accused of islamism are now being denied a party registration with the election authority, according to the World Today. The party’s spokesperson admits that radical Islamists tried to take over the whole movementBut now, a new application is submitted, and the party is aiming to get into Parliament next year.


Now Muslim parties begin to establish themselves in Sweden. Recently, the Islamic party “Jasin” has applied to register an official party designation with the Authority, which is required to make political choices.


But now the party has been rejected.


The party leadership had not submitted the supplement required by the Authorities.


According to the party’s spokeswoman, Mehdi Hosseini, this was because radical Islamists attempted to coup the party.


– We have had some problems in our party. Radicalists would take over, he says to the world today.


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