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Muslims flip out over cops walking in mosque with shoes……


Watch: Muslim worshippers in UK mosque erupt in anger after Police enters without taking off shoes

Video footage has surfaced of Muslims reacting to police officers entering a mosque with their shoes on, in response to an emergency.


The video shows people screaming at the officers angrily, while one of them tries to explain why they were called in. One of the officers is heard reporting on the radio that people were being “aggressive,” while the man filming is providing running commentary, ‘explaining’ that the officer just doing his job “thinks he’s a bad man.” He then asks why men are speaking to a female police officer and shouts: ”who is she?


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  1. So they worry about some shoes but their prophet Mohammed was a child rapist, liar, thief, encourager of his soldiers to rape. Mohammed beheaded Jews. He had a fire lit on a mans chest as a torture. Read it all in the glorious Quran and the stinking Hadith. Mohammed is a centre of pestilence.

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