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Sweden: Former security chief says politicians in fetal position to ‘Islamist’ threat for fear of bigotry charges…….

He’s saying what we have known all along, officials who know better are demoralized into keeping their mouths shut in fear of being called a bigot if they speak truthfully what they are encountering on a daily basis.


poveteran: politicians have curled up for the islamist threat – not to be called racists

Published September 18, 2017 at 17.01

PO Hellqvist worked at the security service for over 30 years. He feels great concern for social development in Sweden and that it goes against the parallel legal communities and new acts of terrorism, “he told SWEDISH TELEVISION SVT‘s Agenda. According to Hellqvist politicians didn’t have the courage to get tough against Islam for fear of being singled out as xenophobic.

Säpo veteran PO Hellqvist has worked both as head of the Security and outside the field in Islamist extremist environments in Gothenburg.


He is very critical of how parts of society in Sweden have evolved and expresses concern about the so-called exclusion areas, which he believes has become a “driving force” for both crime and violence-making Islam and ultimately terrorism.


“I see parallel law communities, I see schools with poor resources, I see poverty, I see great unemployment, I see the absence of young women in public environments, I am talking about moral policymakers. I hear and see things that do not really belong in a democracy as we know it, he says in an interview with SVT Agenda.


According to Hellqvist, there is a power struggle between Swedish authorities and foreign “structures” in the suburbs.


But democratic Sweden does not go against any obvious victory.


PO Hellqvist believes that Swedish politicians and authorities have not done enough enough to stop the development of parallel societies and Islamic radicalization, probably because of fear of being called racists.


– No I do not think so. Perhaps they have ducked on this issue for fear of being indented in a word exchange about xenophobia or islamophobia, he says.


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