Finland Political Correctness

Finnish newspaper ends use of gender specific job titles…….

The idiocy of listening to radical Leftists who will commandeer our languages, whether they be Finnish, English or Swahili…

Political correctness on steroids. My advice, treat these changes wherever you find them as if they don’t exist and go on using language as before.

Gender-neutral language

Over the weekend Tampere daily Aamulehti announced it would no longer use gender-specific job titles, such as chairman or fireman, and to ban the use of terms like ‘female athlete’ as unnecessary.


The paper said that Finnish is an easy language in which to be gender neutral, as the personal pronoun hän is itself gender-neutral in Finnish, but certain terms remain in use even though they don’t reflect the equal society and the varied roles men and women occupy in modern Finland.


The original decision was published on Saturday evening, and the weekend saw a flood of reaction to the text, which AL summarises on Monday.


Speaker of Parliament (whose official title is gendered in Finnish) Maria Lohela said that the name doesn’t bother her, but that she approved of language adjusting and changing as time goes on.


Timo Soini, the Foreign Minister from the Blue Reform faction in parliament, took a different view.


“April Fools’ Day is in April,” wrote Soini in his blog. “If I recall correctly. Aamulehti’s editorial has mandated use of a new language in which a man is everything but a man.”


Most of the rest of the reaction was positive, with other media editors–including Yle’s Marit af Björkesten–saying they would consider whether they might follow Aamulehti’s lead.



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