Finland: Wanted Iraqi asylum seeker in child rape case remanding into custody…….

What we have let in on purpose….

Third suspect in child sexual abuse case held in Germany, remanded in custody

The Northern Karelia District Court remanded a man in custody on child sexual abuse charges on Monday. The Iraqi-background man had been detained by German authorities after fleeing Finland and sent back to face trial.

Suomen laki kirjoja

A judge in North Karelia remanded an Iraqi-background man into custody on Monday on suspicion of sexual abuse of a minor. The man managed to leave Finland before being brought to trial.


However he was located in Germany in June and sent back to Finland to face trial. He is suspected of committing a sex crime with a girl under the age of 16.


Two other men sentenced


The incident is believed to have taken place in a private home last December, where a group of young girls and the three Iraqi-background men were spending the night.


The North Karelia District Court previously handed one of the men a 13-month suspended prison sentence for attempted rape and child sexual abuse. The sentence remains in force in the Eastern Finland Appeal Court, since the man withdrew his appeal.


A third man received an 18-month prison sentence for aggravated child sexual abuse. He was also ordered to pay nearly 20,000 euros in compensation. He has appealed the sentence, and the case is still being heard by the higher court.


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