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Finland: Moroccan security chief says Turku stabber may have taken revenge for negative asylum decision…….

All the more reason for not allowing them into the country in the first place…


I can agree with some of the things he’s saying in the interview, we need to exchange information and listen to their own intelligence agencies about possible terrorists and attacks. But then he goes on to say that his mystified over Abderrahman Bouanane’s exclusive targeting of women, and that usually terrorists only target law enforcement and symbols of the government. We all know that to be false, much of the targets attacked in Europe were soft targets, concerts, festivities, open squares filled with pedestrians.


He also thinks that the terrorists are ‘shaming Islam’, one of the reasons he says he’s interested in hunting them down, which is good, but there’s the element of denial in the statement. Islam plays a huge motivating factor in the minds of these Islamo-terrorists. Downplaying that element is akin to denying Mein Kampf had nothing to do with the psyche of SS and gestapo.


The leader of the Moroccan security chief to Iltalehti: Turku knife attacker may have taken revenge for a negative asylum decision

Tuesday 19.9.2017 at 07.00

Moroccan security chief Abdelhak Al Khayam, 59, suspects the terrorist was bitter towards Finnish society.

The head of the Moroccan security service recalls that no terrorist organization has assumed responsibility for the Turku attack.

The head of the Moroccan security service recalls that no terrorist organization has assumed responsibility for the Turku attack. (LEHTIKUvA)

The whole of Finland was deeply shocked in August when a ruthless stabber attacked passers-buyers in the center of Turku. The deaths of two people and eight injured are being investigated as a terrorist act.


Prime suspect Abderrahman Bouanane and other suspects are from Morocco, but the country’s authorities have so far not commented on the case.


Abdelhak Al Khayam, head of the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, is the first person to comment on the issue of intelligence gathering in his country. He says the Moroccan authorities have closely followed the events in Turku.


Al Khaym is surprised that Finland has not been in contact with them.


– We have not yet received information on the progress of the investigations. All we know is that we have read the news, the chief of the Moroccan anti-terrorist fight tells us by phone.


– But if there is something that we can offer you in Finland, such as information or something else, we will do it.


Cost of Asylum Decision?


The international press has named Abdelhak Al Khayam as the country’s first terrorist hunter. Unlike many of the leaders of the many secret security services in the Arab world, Al Khayam enjoys a good public profile.


As a motive for chasing terrorists, Al Khayam has said that extremists are shaming Islam as a religion.


Al Khayam ponders the perpetrator’s possible motives by experience of handling terrorists in Morocco. The profile of the victims in the Turku attack surprised him.


– In our experience, these kinds of terrorists do not hit women in particular. That is why we are surprised that he has just attacked women. Most often, it’s law enforcement agencies or otherwise persons who symbolize the state are the target of terrorists.


Al Khayam recalls that no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the attack.


– The suspect is not known to have had contacts with some of these organizations.

– He had applied for asylum in Finland, which was denied by the Finnish authorities. The attack occurred soon after the decision. Therefore, the attack might have something to do with this.


Al Khayam suggests that the cause could have been to prevent the removal of land.


Real-time information


Al Khayam calls for extensive international cooperation and joint operations in the fight against terrorism. Finland belongs to this group.


He says his country was active.


“We have been able to provide our foreign partners with real-time, important information about the movements, plans, and contacts of individual terrorist suspects. This information has been able to prevent a number of terrorist attacks in Europe.


– This is the secret of success in the fight against terrorism.


“Terrorists blind”


And what do the Moroccan authorities want to say to Finland, which has been hit by a possible terrorist attack for the first time in history?


– Terrorism has no religion, nationality or borders. Its enemy is humanity. Terrorists are also blind and do not make a difference between the victims. They are not interested in whether the victim is a European or an Arab, Al Khayam is charging.


Prejudice may, however, hinder the stopping of violence.


– We must be open to other cultures so that we can cooperate and help one another in this phenomenon that affects us all.


According to him, there has to be a monitoring of the sermons in European mosques. While culture and religion must be free to be exercised, there must also be control.


– We should also increase cooperation between security services and develop partnerships so that the authorities can fight this phenomenon together.



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