Islamization Turkey

Turkey: Children taught jihad in Imam Hatip’s schools…….

Turkey’s Islamization began with the last dying gasps from Kemal Ataturk’s lips.

Children are taught jihad in Turkish schools

Evolution disappears from books and the teaching of the Islamic perspective is increasing in the Turkish school reform.


The reform of the school in Turkey means replacing existing curricula with a new “value teaching”.


This means, among other things, removing the theory of evolution from teaching. Instead, religious instruction is added.


“Jihad in, evolution out,” British Broadcasting Company  BBC   describes the reform in its news.


Turkish religious Imam Hatip – schools already bring criticized books, for example explaining the jihad for “loving the nation”. In the Turkish Language Institute, jihad is defined as a “religious war”.


– By implanting (schools) jihadist teaching of value, they are trying to sicken our children’s minds with the same understanding that drives all the Middle East massacrea, commented by opposition party CHP  Bulent Tezcan.


According to Turkish educational authorities, Islamist terrorist organizations have abducted and used the concept of jihad.


– Jihad belongs to our religion. It is our duty to teach every concept in its own way and to correct misunderstandings, says Turkish Minister of Education Ismet Yilmaz .


Books in the new curriculum have also been criticized for sex. Women are to be mothers and men are considered as stronger sex. One book talks about a woman’s “obedience” and a man’s worship.


Representatives of the Turkish government explain that the book deals with Islam and quotes the verses of the Qur’an.


– Allah says so and not me. Should I correct her, or what, the Alpasian Durmus director of the Turkish Education Board asks.


The content of new books can also be studied in regular schools as optional courses within a year.


Imam Hatip schools have been criticized as an attempt to Islamize Turkey. Their number has been increased abundantly over the last five years. In recent years, Turkey has transformed numerous ordinary schools into religious Imam Hatip schools. President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has also studied at the Imam Hatip School.


 According to Hurriyet , in 2014, some 40,000 Turkish students had faced the will of their parents in the Imam Hatip school.




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  1. “Books in the new curriculum have also been criticized for sex. Women are to be mothers and men are considered as stronger sex. One book talks about a woman’s “obedience” and a man’s worship.”

    Lefturds shehadist must be in haven to see what is comming for them

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