Sweden Thin Skin: The book showing Donald Trump what really happened ‘last night in Sweden’…….

This is beyond parody, even for Sweden…


This is a country which has for decades devoted itself to demonizing the Jewish state of Israel in all of its media, whether it’s state owned or (partially) private sector. Outside criticism of Sweden however, is proving too much for these sanctimonious elitists to bear (or should I say björn). Remember, this is the country whose leaders and media regularly chastise and impugn Israel with some of the most horrific charges one can make (blood libels) and yet they scream bloody murder when shown to have real serious problems of their own.


Even Finland’s own top cop admitted to the existence of 23 No-Go Zones in Sweden, something that the Swedes have yet to do, in spite of all the evidence.



The Local’s article is here

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