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Finnish police chief admits 23 NO-GO ZONES in Sweden, says they’re entirely possible in Finland as well…….

In connection with this recent story posted by the TT on the questionnaire in which majority of police fear a new Islamic terror attack.


This underlines the veracity and premise of Raheem Kassam’s book on NO-GO ZONES.


Police Chief recalls resource shortage – fear no-go areas: “It’s possible”

Saturday 16.9.2017 at 08.09

Chief of Police Seppo Kolehmainen is not surprised by the results of the Iltalehti’s police survey. Police resources need drastic improvements.


  • According to Chief of Police Seppo Kolehmainen, it is possible that no-go zones develop in Finland where the police do not go.
  • According to Kolehmainen, the risk is high if police performance is further reduced.
  • In Kolehmainen’s opinion, following the cuts in police resources, the government is moving in the right direction: to invest in internal security.

Iltalehti reported on Saturday on a questionnaire to police officers that 94 per cent of responding police officers see a new terrorist attack occurring in Finland.


– It’s probably a real feeling from the force when they answer. It is undeniable that our staff is under hard pressure. The problem is that new threats have emerged recently, but we have the old tasks not yet completed, Kolehmainen reminds us.


Even in 2005 there were about 7,800 police officers, currently at about 7,200. According to the Ministry of Finance’s original plans, there would be less than 6,500 police officers at the beginning of the 2020s.




Dangerous no-go areas


If no resources are added, then the threats are in danger of getting bigger.


According to Kolehmainen, talk of so-called “no go” areas is in danger of becoming a reality in Finland as well.


– The importance of internal security is enormous. We necessarily need minimum resources, at least, to be able to maintain – yet – reasonably well-controlled internal security situation in Finland. There is no need to go to the neighboring country in Sweden, so according to my knowledge there are 23 no go zones. Authorities can not go somewhere in the region – I do not want such a situation in Finland.


If police resources are not being tackled, are there also areas in Finland where the police can not go?


– It is possible if our performance and capacity are constantly reduced.


According to Kolehmainen, this means in practice that the police do not have the resources to be prepared for problems with schools and social authorities of the region.


– We have such a paradox that, if the resources were reduced, we usually had to take resources for preventive action, for example, for alarm drills. It is a bad direction if we want to address the problems of a region in a deeper way, Kolehmainen reminds us.


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  1. “no go” areas is in danger of becoming a reality in Finland as well.

    Forget about protecting your borders.
    Just build “‘gun free safe places””
    There , I fixed it for ya.

  2. How come Hungary has not ONE no go zone????????
    Tell me , how it is possible???

  3. So I gather all authorities in Europe are prepared to continue to take Islam up the ass until they are assimilated/appeased/take over. I think a short period of state anarchy will probably intervene in that schedule. An ignition point, that one straw too many,the flip of a switch.

    1. I hope wiser heads will prevail…..i’m not taking any bets however….

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