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Finland: Overwhelming Majority of Police responding to questionnaire say new terror attack coming, lack resources to counter…….

In spite of hunting enthusiasts, Finland does not have a gun culture as in the US. If an Islamonazi wants to commit and act of terror, like say in Central Finland, it will take not just minutes for a proper response, but hours, and by then it’ll be far too late.


IL’s Giant Survey: Majority police officers suspect a new terrorist attack in Finland: “When is this foolishness going to end?”

Saturday 16.9.2017 at 08.00

Police say a new terrorist attack in Finland is just a matter of time.

  • 94 percent of the respondents to the Iltalehti poll questioned  deem it at least fairly likely that a new terrorist attack will occur in Finland after Turku’s stabbing attack.
  • According to the respondents, police resources have been driven dangerously low.
  • Police resources have been run so low that if people knew how badly things were, no one would sleep well.


According to police officers who responded to Iltalehti’s questionnaire, a particularly great threat is a situation in which a terrorist attack would occur outside major cities. Then stopping an attack quickly is challenging – if not impossible. According to Chief of Police Seppo Kolehmainen, he has repeatedly emphasized in Parliament on the fact that Finland is a sparsely populated country with long distances: the resources should also be in accordance with it. (SATUMAARI VENTELÄ)

The above answer summarizes the police’s feelings in the Iltalehti survey.


More than 94 percent of the police respondents considered at least fairly likely that a new terrorist attack would occur in Finland after Turku’s woodcuts. More than half of the respondents also believe that police resources are not enough to prevent terrorist attacks.


Particularly concerned about the radicalization of the people who have received a negative asylum decision. As many as 87 percent (of those questioned) deem these such persons as a big threat.


The information is apparent from a large-scale questionnaire conducted by Iltalehti for the police, which was answered by 1 077 police officers.


The survey was conducted in co-operation with the Federation of Finnish Police Organizations (SPJL), who sent Iltalehti’s questions to all 7152 police officers in the SPJL. The response rate for the questionnaire was about 15 percent.


A police officer means a police officer in police service with police authority.


Police officers were also allowed to submit open responses to the questionnaire.


More than 300 open responses highlighted concerns about new terrorist attacks, their survival, and the radicalization of asylum seekers and people with a negative asylum decision.


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