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Spain: Historical revisionism at Alicante Museum whitewashes Islam/demonizes Spaniards in medieval history section…….

This past week I was in Spain on vacation, and while I was there I happened to visit the Museum of Archaeology of Alicante, and it’s really a stunning site. 

What caught my eye however was the section on medieval history of the region, which was a total whitewash of Islamic conquest and rule. So much so that I had to (after asking permission) take photos of the section to let my readers see and decide for themselves as well, if this is pure historical revisionism. This really is a travesty of justice for the indigenous people of Spain during that time period, who were brutally taken over by Muslims hot on the jihad trail from North Africa, and subjected to their cruelties, for over 600 years.

Here are some pictures from the section in question, the museum was predominantly in Spanish and Catalonian, with English excerpts, So I can’t tell you what it spoke about in Spanish, but the excerpts in English were horrid.


First about Islam: 



Take note that it mentions that the koran IS the word of God as revealed to Mohamed, not ”the koran is according to Muslims the word of God”. That’s a big difference.


Then Christianity…



Nothing about the Bible being the word of God….and again, no mention of how those Muslims got there in the first place. Jews had immigrated there over the centuries, while the Muslims invaded, the latter were justifiably evicted, while unfortunately the former got caught up in the midst of the overthrow, upheaval and reconquering of the land and expelled as well.


Then about the period in question, how Islam came to the Iberian peninsula:



The Muslims arrived and settled? Really? What about jihad, war of conquest and subjugation of the nonbeliever? Dhimmitude and slavery…?


Spain under Islam: 



No mention of subjugation (dhimmitude) of non-believers:



Then when Spain regains sovereignty under Christian Spanish rule, they make the indigenous Christian population into colonizers/settlers!!


You know its bad when a country once conquered by Islam, refers to itself as settlers.


(Seeing that the font is hard to read, I’ll type it here)


The monarchy expelled the Moslems who had lived there for nearly six centuries, expropriating their belongings and handing over their lands and houses to the settlers.


Unbelievable huh?


So the invading Muslims from the north of Africa……..



and their decedents are made into hapless victims, by the so called ”invading” indigenous Spaniards…..

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  1. Sad. Just like the moslems to rewrite history to fill their narrative!

    1. Exactly, misappropriating another’s history and culture.

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