Honor Violence Islam in the UK

UK: Daughter of parents who murdered her sister

Come on, it’s because she agrees with their murdering her sister…

‘She STILL says they’re innocent’: Daughter who saw Muslim parents suffocate her sister with a plastic bag insists they didn’t do it, claims ex-best friend whose evidence jailed them


A woman who saw her Muslim parents suffocate her eldest sister in a so-called ‘honour killing’ insists they are innocent and still visits them in prison, her ex-best friend who helped jail them said. Mevish Ahmed (top right), 26, remains loyal to parents Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed (bottom left), who murdered 17-year-old Shafilea Ahmed (top left) by stuffing a plastic bag down her throat in front of her four siblings in 2003.


Mevish regularly contacts her parents by phone and text, and sees them in prison, according to Shahin Munir (main right). She told MailOnline: ‘When you grow up in an environment that is so controlling, it is very hard to break away from it.’


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