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Finland: Afghan family received two rejections for asylum, husband says wife was first married as 11 y/o to settle debt…….

This is the part that interests me more, the fact that the wife was once married to an older man who was violent, married her as an 11 year old because of debt the father was unable to pay.

Pedophilia without a bat of an eye.

The Afghan family in Jyväskylä on Monday, reveals its background – Father tells the mother of having been married to 11 years of age for debt

Zaker and Sabrina Bayat are waiting at the Joutseno reception center detention unit. The police did not take them on Wednesday for a return flight to Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

Essi LehtoAamulehti, Joutseno

The Afghan family detained by two police on Monday are still in Finland.


Aamulehti met with other detained families on Wednesday night at the Joutseno reception center detention unit. This is Monday, a family that was retrieved from the Salmenranta’s reception center in Jyväskylä, including 28-year-old father Zaker Bayat , 24-year-old mother Sabrina Bayat, and a baby boy born last December. The ages of the couple had been reported in their asylum applications.


To Finland in February 2016


The Bayat was taken from Jyväskylä to Joutseno on Monday, whose reception center is located in former Konnunsuo prison facilities. We go to a family home with a computer, old furniture and toys for children. There are bars on the windows.


A child under one year of age is playing on the floor, periodically she cries. The day has been long. The mother Sabrina, greets and slightly raises her mouth. She hardly speaks.


The Bayat tells they have left to Afghanistan from Ghaz, where they had moved from Kabul.


Zaker Bayat says his wife was married at 11 years old because her grandfather gave the girl as a payment for a debt he could not afford to pay. Sabrina Bayat divorced her first husband because he was violent. At the same time, she had to give up her first two children.


More in Finnish at AamuLehti


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