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Finns Party presidential candidate: Claiming hate speech but a means to prevent debate about problems Finns see with own eyes…….

A word of note: The only thing I can disagree with Huhtasaari on is her statement that ”terrorism is the chief enemy we’re fighting”. 

It’s not, that is just a means to an end. It is basic Islam 101 (rudimentary, traditional, fundamental), or Post-Hijra, the point where Islam stopped being just a religion, and became a political, militarily, judicial entity, a complete society.

September 7, 2017 22:26

Laura Huhtasaari: “The Claims of hate speech is to prevent debate about the problems that every adult Finn can see with their own eyes

Presidential candidate Laura Huhtasaari (ps.) finds it odd at the fact that so many Finnish politicians would only rather speak about Finnish hate speech. Terrorism-inspiring poetry is the “hate speech” that Huhtasaari believes society should take hold of. She writes about it in her (Uuden Suomen (New Finland) blog .


Hate speech was given new emphasisi by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä(center), after which the leaders of the parliamentary parties published a joint statement. The statement strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms, as well as all forms of violence and hate speech.


– As it is clear to everyone, the security situation in Finland has changed since the Turku attack. This is inevitably also reflected in the atmosphere of discussion. Nor has anyone failed to notice that Europe and its allies are in the midst of an unprecedented immigration crisis. Although there are two things, there is a link between them, Huhtasaari begins.


– The demographic pressure on European borders is enormous, the entrants arrive mainly from Islamic countries. Even though Muslims with genuine desire to integrate into western countries are among those arriving, there are also those who do not want to integrate but want to isolate themselves. These new comers concentrate in certain areas, and over the years, the population avoids them. The regions begin to differ and turn inward, and arethose who live in them employed. Examples are found in Europe.


According to Huhtasaari, the political leaders of the “scattered and graying Europe” are afraid of meeting this problem.


– Old Europe is just looking from the edges, first millions and finally tens of millions of immigrants, mainly Islamic migrants, heading towards the old continent. The journey continues from one country to the other, crossing the country by crossing the boundaries that are no longer considered necessary to control.


– Development seems a bit dark, but there are some exceptions. Hungary is not taking that path. The leaders are taking care of the country. Hungarian leaders have also defended the country’s citizens and Hungarian identity even when the EU has stated that the host country is to make decisions against the country’s own interests. Yes, it’s even possible to be opposed to big brother EU. What’s in question is the political will. Hungarian citizens have full reason to be proud of their leaders who defend their interests. And what about the Finns, Huhtasaari asks.


– Terrorists provoke through hate speech in their terrorist acts. Many Finnish politicians would speak only of the hate speech of the Finns. Here is were things go wrong. It can not be that citizens should rejoice when political decision makers disregard their disastrous decisions and refuse to see the consequences.


– Claims of hate speech are meant to prevent discussion of the problems that every adult Finns can see with their own eyes. By charging Finns for their Facebook postings, we can not overcome this problem and we will not regain our security.


– We have a common enemy and its name is terrorism. Terrorism must not have a place in our country.


Huhtasaari hopes that Finland will stop using each other and blaming Finns.


– I want to invite all parties to defend Finland, Finns and Finnish identity. Take Finland back. And making a better Finland together, She determines in her post.



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