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Finland: Media claims Justice Ministry proposal would give citizens right to arrest illegal aliens…….

Sounds good to me…

Read the first paragraph. It never fails to both amuse and disgust me, in how the state run media blatantly dismisses the proper use of descriptive language … as opinion. No jackass media, it’s not just how ”officials describe it”, it is actually what it is, illegal residency. You however (state media hacks) invent terms and labels in order to circumvent proper language for ideological reasons.


NOTE: In their (fake media’s) made up world, drug dealers are actually just ‘undocumented pharmacists’.


Citizens arrest of undocumented migrants?

Ilta-Sanomat on Wednesday reported that the Justice Ministry was set to stiffen penalties for undocumented migration, or as officials describe it, “illegal residence in the country”.


The proposal would mean undocumented migrants could be jailed for up to six months, and that, reported the paper, had some other consequences. Janne Kanerva from the ministry told IS that the 6 month tariff would mean citizens arrest of undocumented migrants would be allowed after the change.


That was the top line picked by IS for their report, and the story caused something of a social media storm when it was published. MJustice Minister Antti Häkkänen quickly jumped in to issue a denial on Twitter, saying that the ministry did not plan to bring violations of immigration law under the remit of the right to make citizens arrests.


IS did not back down, reporting on Thursday that the denial does not actually refute their story: the change in tariff automatically makes the offences subject to citizens arrest. Despite several attempts to contact him, reports IS, Häkkänen refused to comment on the matter further.

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