Islam in Austria

Austria: Chancellor walls himself off in fear of Islamo-terrorism…….

Good enough for him but not enough for the country…

This only serves to underline the outright insanity of Western nations maintaining what amounts to being an open borders policy. It does not serve the public’s best interests, just the ruling elite’s who have enough money for wall building and armed guards. The West is becoming like 3rd world developing countries, smoking suburbs adjacent to city with moats around private residences for those who can afford them.


Austria: A Wall is built in Vienna

An original translation from the newspaper Kronen Zeitung, Austria.

September 2, 2017

Fear of Terror

Office of Chancellor being locked up behind concrete walls

“Yes, a wall is being constructed in Vienna”, the Interior Ministry announces. It will be 80 centimetres high, one meter wide, and surround the historical Ballhausplatz. The concrete wall is meant to protect the Chancellery and the office of the president from possible terror attacks.


“The wall is a security measure for the protection of the government district,” the spokesman for the ministry, Alexander Marakovits, explains. Until now, basically everyone could drive towards it. The one-meter-wide concrete wall will make sure that no vehicle can get through in a worst-case scenario.


The building in the historical center of town is built during nighttime hours at full speed and will be finished before autumn.


Several Security Measures


The wall is just one of several measures to protect the Chancellery and the office of the president. “But certainly it is the one that will be most visible for the locals,” the announcement says. Less visible: there are bollards constructed in Herrengasse which can be raised if need be.


Cologne: Stones meant to protect from attacks


In Germany, too, important buildings are in the process of being protected from terror attacks. For example, in Cologne, where stones protect the square around the city’s landmark, the cathedral. The discarded colossi bar access to the cathedral square. “In a way, the cathedral itself is protecting its visitors,” Cologne’s police chief Uwe Jacob said last week. The stones are parts of small towers that had been removed and stored for conservatory reasons. Additionally, a police car can serve as a mobile barrier, so that delivery vehicles and ambulances can pass through.


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