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How Finnish immigration office tests veracity of Muslim conversions to Christianity…….

This isn’t an easy call…at least for me

I’ll admit to the soft spot I have for any Muslim leaving Islam. That said, how do we go about proving that their departure from the dangerous ideology is for real? Asking deep, probing questions is the only way to ascertain any semblance of truth, an accurate understanding of what’s in question here. Scamming, or a true leap of faith. I would ask the ”new convert” what they disagreed with concerning Islam, something of which the truncated report fails to divulge. It can’t be just about Christianity, but about the reasons for leaving Islam for Christianity, that’s as , if not more important for the interviewer than anything else he/she could ask them.

This is how Migrigration Office tests the belief of asylum seekers who have become Christians

Saturday 2/9/2017 at 13.07

Iltalehti was handed the minutes from an asylum discussion at the Migration Office. The expulsion of asylum-seekers who have become Christian is contradicted by EU law.


March 2017. Iranian Abbas Toof is sitting in an asylum interview at theImmigration Service (Migri) in Helsinki. Representatives of the Finnish Immigration Service are questioning Toof’s religion.


In April 2016 Toof received a negative decision on his asylum application. Helsinki Administrative Court annulled Migri’s decision in November 2016, because Toof at the appeal stage presented a new ground by taking his Christianity into account. Originally, the asylum application was based on ownership dispute with a local imam.


According to the Finnish Immigration Service, the phenomenon is growing: more and more asylum seekers declare that they have chosen to become Christians after receiving a negative asylum decision.


Toof, 30, believes that he will be persecuted in Iran if he is expelled for leaving the Islamic faith.


Talking for hours


The Finnish Immigration Service’s interviews are thorough. There are dozens of questions about religion.


Iltalehti was able to see secret protocol reports. In public, it has not been said beforehand how Migri measures the asylum seekers’ stories of religious beliefs.


Migri: What are you afraid would happen to you if you came back to your home country as a Christian?

Abbas Toof: They will surely ask this time, when I’ve been out of the country, and if I turned to another religion. If I  say that I have, they will certainly kill me … if a person has had a religion, especially being a Muslim, and changing religion, he will be punished.


The questions follow in one-hour-long talk:


The Bible is a big book. What all did you see in the Bible?


Is there any question in Christianity or in the Bible that you question or disagree with?


Tell more clearly what Jesus means to you personally in your own faith and in the process of turning to Christianity.


Tell us more about your prayer.


You have become a Christian last year. How has your Christian conviction developed during this year?


And so on…


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