Finland HATE CRIME Hate Speech laws Lefty Morons

Finnish SJW’s money making scheme: offer bogus ”spotting hate speech” courses for 299 euros a pop…….

Like I already tweeted: “Hate speech cottage industry sprouts up, smelling profit from others fearing their (HSCI) mob at their doorsteps.”

From the Alliance Bridge you can order training on inclusion and equality issues. Training can be arranged at the customer’s premises or in any other convenient location at the desired time of the subscriber.

Below are presented complete training modules. Additionally, skilled Alliances trainees can pull tailor-made content and personalize various events. Alliance trainers operate nationwide across Finland.

More information and orders:

Laura Heinonen
Expert, Equality
p. 044  416 5235

Kirsi Uusitalo 
Expert, Inclusion  Phone 044 7229 350

Hate speech and acting against it

Target group: working with young people and working adults

Duration: 2 to 4 hours by appointment

Hate speech is a discriminatory and obnoxious expression directed at individuals about their characteristics or to whole groups of people. Hate speech attacks the youth’s identity and focuses on things that would be considered valuable to his/herself. Everyone has the right to be as they are. Acting against hate spech is everyone’s responsibilty. How do I identify hate speech and how can it be acted against? Training will familiarize you with the topic and provide tools for addressing the topic with young people.

Training Price:

2-3 h training: 220 € + trainers ‘travel expenses
4 h training: 290 € + trainers’ travel expenses

For more information and training orders: Laura Heinonen


H/T: Vasarahammer

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