Finland Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Schools

Finland: Fights break out in school between reception center migrants and ethnic Finns, police called to break it up…….

Enrichment being brought to your children at the earliest levels…

A fight in S.Ppohanmaa elementary school: the police caught two asylum seekers

Monday 4.9.2017 at 20.01

The police are investigating an abusive fight in primary school at Kauhavan Alahärmä.


On Monday morning, in South Ostrobothnia, Kauhava, Alabri Secondary School, a violent incident occurred, which resulted in police arresting two pupils. In addition, three other pupils were removed from the school.


The string of fights were on at least two occasions during school mornings. The teachers could not calm the situation, so the police were called to the scene.


Education Director Markku Viitasaari says he has received the first calls from school between 11-11.30. He was himrself elsewhere on a business trip Monday.


 The case is very annoying, he says.


They started this fall


According to Viitasaari’s estimates, five young people aged 16 to 18 years old are among the asylum seekers studying in the preparatory class who attend the Alahärmä school at the Oravais reception center in Vöyrä. The municipalities have a mutual agreement. There are about 200 pupils in the school.


Those who have been caught in the fight have only started school in Finland this autumn.


– I can only speculate what all they have experienced before coming to the Finnish countryside. We do not know that.

In the morning events were also involved with other, so-called, native-born children, Viitasaari confirms.


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