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The Narrative Now Controls the Battlefield…….

Once again I have to reiterate a simple truth on what we are seeing being played out on colleges campus, on city streets and in front of city halls across the country. All of these appear to be unrelated to the other, when in fact it’s all interrelated.


That’s Cultural Marxism, attacking the civil society from every which angle in order to bring it down in the most nihilistic, barbaric way possible. That society doesn’t deserve to live, it must be cleared away for the new order, of their making. Statues, names, institutions and traditions must all make way for the ”new Cultural Marxist being”, nothing that was, liberty, capitalism, freedom of speech and thought, everything that the US constitution embodied are to remain, at least not without a thorough going over and full remake in the Left’s image.


This is why Islam is such a crucial extra element in their arsenal being used against us, it uses our own values, traditions and language as a bludgeon against us, twisting, contorting and reshaping it to mean whatever they want it to mean and pigeon holing us as beyond the pale if we resist. The collection of tyrants of the Left believe however that they can control it, and therein lies their own ruin, just like in Iran after the Mullahs came to power, the Left was eliminated and/or driven underground.


So don’t be fooled, it’s not really about ”Women’s Rights, Equal Opportunity, Gay Marriage and Justice”, it’s about nihilism, destruction, using terms that sound good in order to sway the ignorant and intellectually uninterested. It’s about ending modern day society and replacing it with something else, something that was designed deep within the anti-hill from which they sprung and forcing the rest of us to conform to it, or else.


White Supremacy

by MC

There is white supremacy and there is white-skinned supremacy — there is a difference, a big(oted) difference. Whilst one is a fact, the other is a weapon used to obscure the fact.

It is very difficult for socialists who believe that man is god to accept the superiority of Judeo-Christian culture. It does not fit with their religious beliefs and zealotry so, somehow, they must discredit it,


The way they do this is to employ their usual ‘turn it into a skin color problem’ meme and thus to hide it behind their own well-projected definition of racism. The sheer flexibility of the accusation of ‘racism’ makes this very easy to do, and we, like Eloi, take the bait every time and without ever stopping to think or to criticize.


History is replete with the disastrous effects of new weaponry. The minie ball rifle was responsible for the carnage of the Civil War. The aeroplane brought war to the home front. And television brought the war into the front room.


Yes, there is a war actually going on inside the homes, a mind-bending propaganda war to destroy white supremacy using the very technology that white supremacy has endowed to the world.


Those who define the Narrative now control the battlefield and thus the result:

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.
— Noam Chomsky

Because television is a one-way pipeline it has an exceedingly powerful influence, and with it, the ability to define new ‘truths’ and to redefine old ‘truths’. It is these neo-truths which are so dangerous. We all know that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, but how many of us know where in the Bible to find it?


I have twice written in these pages about the Narrative as a deadly weapon, and each time been strongly criticized by those who cannot see the difference between questioning the Narrative and intellectual treason. I have been accused of being unscientific when the whole of science should be about the questioning of narratives.


Television makes it terribly difficult to question those things that people hold dear. Questioning presents people with dilemmas that they don’t want to confront. It opens vistas that are uncomfortable. While the television tends to soothe the psyche, the questioner travels in lands abhorrent to many.


On the whole, people don’t want truth; they want unchallenged comfort zones, and will answer the challenge with an ad hominem attack and a ‘no platform’ demand rather than stop and check the facts.


It is when the Narrative is defined, delivered and defended by one particular politico-religious sect that we are in for a rough ride. Socialism, for all its emotional desirability, has a bad track record, and this latest iteration of it is showing the same old warts as the previous iterations of socialism known as Communism and Nazism. The current iteration of cultural Marxist socialism with its emphasis on ‘equality’, moral relativism and emotional righteousness is potentially the most destructive yet, and seems to be intent on bringing down civilization as we know it. Do we really want to go back to living in caves?


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