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Sharia compliant UK: Primary schools allowing 5 y/o girls to wear ‘modesty’ misogyny veils…….

This is all happening before our eyes, and over a long period of time, only the dead, half awake and totally uninterested fail to see the the scimitar swinging…

You better believe that it’s political, that’s what Islam is all about, enforced conformity and the stupid (soon to be former) non-Muslim host society is playing along with it like the useful stooges/dhimmis that they are.

Primary schools allowing hundreds of girls as young as five ‘to wear hijabs as part of uniform’


Schools in the UK are allowing girls as young as five to wear religious headscarves as part of their uniform policies.


According to The Sunday Times, thousands of state primary schools across the country are listing the Muslim garments hijabs as items of uniform.


The growing trend has been criticised by some campaigners who pointed out the headscarf is supposed to be worn by a girl when she reaches puberty – not a child.

But others have disagreed and said that it is a matter of religion and has nothing to do with sexualisation.


In a survey conducted by The Sunday Times, a fifth of 800 primary schools surveyed were found to list a hijab as part of their uniform policy.


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