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The upside down equivalence between Islamic terrorism and Western crime statistics…….

Tundra Tabloid contributor, Johnny Too Bad, brings up an interesting observation in Finnish social media (which mirrors the social media in other languages as well). People seeking to downplay the reality of the horrors and societal dangers that the practitioners of Islam pose to our societies, do so, with the most illogical and far fetched comparisons. Well, Johnny tosses a turd into their own pool as well.


NOTE: The above picture is of Jaakko Hämeen-Antilla and Hannu Juusola, two of the more well known apologists for Islam in Finland.


The No-Sense Of Proportionality by Terrorist Denialists

By Johnny Too Bad

On Friday 18th of August a Moroccan born asylum seeker named Abderrahman Bouananen stabbed ten people, two of them fatally, in southwest town Turku, Finland. Before the attack, Bouananen had written a manifest of which the content he also reiterated on a videotape. The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation has not published the manifest. The method of attack is similar to that of the Palestinian stabbing intifada which started during the Jewish New Year in 2015.


Two days later, on August 20th, Finnish professor of Arabic language Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila wrote a frontpage opinion in daily Aamulehti newspaper. According to Hämeen-Anttila, a regular commentator of Islamist terrorism in Finnish media, the Turku attack reminds school shootings that took place in Finland ten years ago. Just as the school shootings had paragons in the United States, it seemed in Hämeen-Anttila’s eyes that the Turku attack was plagiarized from stabbing Jihadism we have seen in the streets of Europe recently. So far, not a single Finnish researcher has pointed out the recent terrorist attacks in Europe have been of the same method as attacks committed by Palestinians against Israelis over the last two years.

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In Finland, there seems to be a widely accepted pattern of “terrorist denialism” which seeks to dissolve the Islamic characteristics of these attacks by comparing it to whatever violence that occurs in Finland and other parts of the Western civilization. There seem to be no limits in imagination by these denialists as in the Jihadi stabbing in Turku in 2017 which has been compared to trouble making, knife fighting peasants of Southern Ostrobothnia in the 19th century.

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However, when a white supremacist neo-Nazi caused a death of young man in Helsinki in September 2016, the act of violence was seen as a manifest of metaphysical evil and watertight proof of a Second Holocaust taking place any minute. When member of parliament Jussi Halla-aho said, there is violence every weekend in Helsinki, the public opinion was that Halla-aho is seriously downplaying the threat of neo-Nazism. A part of the terrorist denialism is that neo-Nazis and Jihadi Nazis are treated with different standards.


When burqinis were shortly banned in France, it was not exceptional in Finnish social media discussions to ask, what about the headscarf of Catholic nuns then. I’ve heard people comparing Jizya to church taxes. There are social media memes counting death tolls by the United States in Syria and by terrorists in Europe, with a message, what difference does it make.


I’m not willing to waste time in showing in detail what’s wrong in these analogies made by terrorist denialists. If one wishes to make these comparisons, then bring it on!   If one wishes to find an equivalence between Islamic terrorism and Western crime statistics, we must turn the big picture upside-down. We must imagine the following.


The Vatican runs seminaries where future priests receive their training. Many of ordained priests join orders such as the Jesuits or the Dominicans. There are, however, a few die-hard sects as well. They think that most Catholic priests are not true believers. These ultraconservatives gain popularity among poor people. They are well educated, they know their religious sources from Alpha to Omega. They follow the Bible, the Creeds, the Confessions and Papal bullas literally and full-heartily. Most of their colleagues think they go too far, but no one can say, they are apostates who have abandoned their faith.
Now, imagine that these sects are inciting people to violence. There are lots of churches around the world funded by France and Italy, and many intelligence services around the world say the same thing: these churches too often proclaim a violent message that radicalizes the youth.
Hence, we have die-hard Christians exploding themselves in shopping malls, gay clubs and on school buses. And every time these Christian terrorists attack, they scream the magic words, “Jesus is Lord.” After a while, “Jesus is Lord” becomes such a nasty symbol of murder that no ordinary Christian is supposed slip those words from their lips.
And each time a bomb explodes, a machete cuts out intestines or a car hits a crowd, there will be harrowing cry about Christianophobia due to which tens of thousands of apologists are marching in the Arab street condemning revenge attacks on Christians. For not every Christian is a terrorist. Therefore, the mainstream Arab media start to push forward a message of Christians being the most persecuted minority in any parts of the world. And guess what? You are willing to swallow all of this!
The critical voices, risking getting labeled as Christianophobes, are pointing to the fact, there are numerous churches and chapels where radical priests spread hate speech and violent messages. Every summer they organize a summer camp for 10 year old children. There, 50 000 boys and girls learn to use firearms as they train for combat skills. No voice is raised against the use of child soldiers here.
The critics say, the problem is that it is the Vatican itself that gives blessings to funding of those radical actions. Those who want to downplay the role of religion, sigh, if only Italy stopped funding these fanatics. Many analysts confirm this by assertion that it’s in Italy’s interest to keep Germany weak.
Professional researches tell journalists that Christian terrorism is a movement with a budget of millions or even hundreds of millions per year. Terrorists form cells that survive by mutation and natural selection as in evolution theory. In many places, Christians conservatives have cut throats of innocent Muslims, hundreds of them being crucified, and everywhere in Europe, Muslims are being persecuted, Muslim girls are being raped, shops are being boycotted, and shopkeepers are being forced to pay protection money in mafia style. But this is not enough. Christian terrorists have also gained ground under their feet. They have captured territories on both sides on the border of Germany and France. Besides that, they have ruled in parts of Spain and Belgium for years. They have natural resources by which they reach self-sufficiency. The global coalition against them fight hard but the Christian terrorists survive by supplies from friendly neighbors. Their worst enemy is known as Protestantism, which they call infidel, and 98% of all their victims are fellow Christians. Despite the problems of Christian backyard, many attacks have taken place outside Europe. So, Christian terrorist cells hit in Africa, Asia, The Middle-East, Russia, they spread fear practically everywhere on the planet.
No one knows the exact number of Christian terrorists, but it is safe to say, that there are tens of millions of them altogether. Moreover, much as there are strict opponents to violent Christianity, there are also numerous Christians who give their passive acceptance to terrorists. Many don’t accept violence as means but nevertheless they share the same goal which is the Christian Kingdom of God as presented in teaching of Jesus, who, of course, said, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Mt. 10:34)
Thus, each time there occurs an attack in any part of the world, Christians deliver candies to children for celebrating the blood shedding of infidel victims. There is also a large network of Christian organizations which engage themselves in so called interfaith dialogue with Islamic world, but in many cases, the Christian organizations are mere smoke screens for violent Christianity. Many of the organizations who speak against Christianophobia fund terrorist fractions. There is also Christian equivalence to the United Nations, The Organization of Christian Cooperation, which few years back lobbied for an international convention to criminalize blasphemy.
There are organized debates on tv where academic researches argue about the root causes of Christian terrorism. For years, one of the most popular explanations has been colonialism. In the middle ages, as we know, Islam took over many parts of Europe. The history of Christianity, of course, is seen violent even by many liberal left interpreters who, on the other hand, constantly keep reminding that it was Islam which first attacked Jerusalem, and that it took no less than three and half centuries until Christians started Crusades against Muslims. These were wars provoked by Muslims, many Muslim apologists say. It was just an understandable reaction, leftwing liberal Muslim apologists say. While some people argue that the root of terrorism is poverty, opponents point out the fact that actually Germany, Italy and France are very rich countries.
The critics of Christianity, however, demand a reformation. The only solution for endless killing is a total retooling. And when another attack takes place, many are afraid saying aloud “Christianity.” So, the media prefers to point to the problem by distinguishing between Christianity, which is a religion of peace, and the so called political Christianity or Christianism, which hardly has anything to do with the real Christianity. Those who tend to deny the connection of Christianity to violence, often repeat, “Christianity and Islam have the same God.”


Now, do you still find an equivalence between jihad stabbings and school shootings?

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