N.Korea WMD's

N.Korea: Hydrogen bomb explodes in underground testing……..

The wrong nation to have nukes….


North Korea detonates sixth nuclear bomb – triggering earthquake ten times larger than any of Kim Jong-un’s previous nuke tests

North Korea also claims its has a ‘thermonuclear’ warhead it can fit to missiles that is roughly as powerful as the UK’s Trident system

 United States Geological Survey map showing the source of the 'quake'

NORTH Korea has detonated a sixth nuclear bomb, triggering an artificial earthquake ten times larger than any of the rogue nation’s previous tests.


The 6.3-magnitude ‘quake’ would be the largest caused by a nuclear test from the country – and it came just hours after the tubby tyrant Kim Jong-un’s regime claimed he had watched a hydrogen bomb being loaded onto an intercontinental ballistic missile.


North Korea this morning confirmed on state media they had conducted a hydrogen bomb test, saying it was a “complete success”.


They added the H-bomb can be loaded onto an intercontinental missile.


The Korea Meteorological Administration initially reported ‘an artificial tremor’at 12:36 p.m local time in the North Hamgyeong Province, from a site used for nuclear testing by the North Korean regime.


The US Geological Survey and Chinese authorities both confirmed the tremor, with South Korea’s weather agency later revising the artificial quake to 5.7-magnitude.


China reported a second smaller quake eight minutes after the first, believed to be a cave in caused by the test.


North Korea’s previous nuclear tests caused tremors just over 5 on the Richter scale – one tenth the magnitude of the current test – suggesting the device being tested this time was significantly more powerful.


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