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UK: Islamonazi jihadi went to wrong WC, before attacking police at Buckingham Palace…….

All ”jihaded up” and ends up at wrong venue…..

‘The Queen and her soldiers will all be in hellfire’: Note ‘written by Uber driver terrorist’ who ‘got LOST trying to find Windsor Castle before he drove to Buckingham Palace and attacked police with 4ft sword’

Chowdhury is believed to have driven to The Windsor Castle pub - south of the actual Windsor Castle. He then went past the Victoria barracks before heading to Buckingham Palace in London

  • Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, has been charged with a terror offence by police
  • He is accused of having attacked police outside Buckingham Palace last Friday
  • But according to a new report, he had actually intended to go to Windsor Castle 
  • His satnav, however, took him to The Windsor Castle pub and he went to London
  • A court was told yesterday that he left a note to his sister telling her to ‘be strong’
  • Chowdhury, from Luton, Bedfordshire, was remanded in custody by magistrates

A suspected terrorist accused of attacking police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace ranted that the ‘Queen and her soldiers will all be in hellfire’, a court heard.


Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 26, sparked a major terror alert when he was arrested outside the royal residence last Friday.


The Uber driver was found with a samurai sword in the passenger footwell of the blue Toyota Prius he was driving.


He was sprayed with CS gas and wrestled to the ground as the palace was locked down. Three police officers suffered cuts and bruises to their hands.


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