Islam in the UK Propaganda

UK Channel 4 airs coexistence program between hijabed girl and (ignorant) non-Muslim, they become friends…….

So a sharia compliant Muslim befriends an ignorant non-Muslim who hasn’t the faintest clue that the symbol her ‘new friend’ is sporting, actually is a symbol of supremacy over her. 

This is all too scripted, we know what the outcome will be, because that’s the reason for the airing of the program, supposed co-existence with Islam. You see, it’s just us stupid Christians and Jews (and other non-Muslims) who are the ignorant ones (in this case the girl is in fact ignorant of Islam, the unvarnished version).

Quran. [5:52O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. And whoso among you takes them for friends is indeed one of them. Verily, Allah guides not the unjust people.

Two girls living three miles apart prove how divided Britain really is… but a TV experiment has shown deep-rooted cultural barriers CAN be overcome

Siobhan (right), 16, and Farhana (left), 17, live only three miles from each other in West Yorkshire, but they might as well inhabit different planets

  • Siobhan, 16, and Farhana, 17, live three miles from each other in West Yorkshire
  • But they had never met before agreeing to take part in Channel 4 documentary
  • It aims to see if two teens in segregated pockets of Britain can become friends
  • The neighbours have much in common, including make-up, fashion and school
  • But at one point, Siobhan says Farhana wouldn’t last long in her neighbourhood 
  • ‘They would be harassed,’ says Siobhan’s mother Brigid, quite matter-of-factly 

The initial silence between the two teens might be awkward, but it is nothing compared to the exchange that fills it.


‘Are you getting ‘owt for Christmas?’ says the Christian girl to her Muslim counterpart. Then she asks if the other girl, who is wearing a hijab, celebrates Christmas, and when the answer is a no, she asks: ‘Are you a Sikh?’


It might feel like a sketch from one of those comedy shows that try to address race issues, but this one is for real.


Siobhan, 16, and Farhana, 17, live only three miles from each other in West Yorkshire, but they might as well inhabit different planets.


Home for Siobhan is the almost entirely white village of Chickenley, while Farhana lives in Batley Carr, an area of nearby Dewsbury which until recently was overwhelmingly Asian, though a new wave of Romanian neighbours is affecting that demographic.

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