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‘Finn’ being sought in connection with Turku jihad knife attack is a practicing Muslim from Uzbekistan…….

I was right, he’s not an ethnic Finn…

Oh, and all that knew him liked him, thought he was a nice guy.

Student friends say: Zuhriddin Rashidov knows Finnish, is silent and unobtrusive – Expressen: Fugitive in Turku


Student friends describe Rashidov as quiet and comfortable.
Moroccan Abderrahman Bouanane , 22, and Monsif Bakir , 21. so far been arrested as suspects for their alleged role in the Turku attacks. However, a third man has also been sought for his role as well.

On Thursday, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that the man was Zuhriddin Rashidov , 23, who was suspected of involvement in the planning of the Turku attack. According to the Swedish newspaper, the man has Finnish citizenship and is from Uzbekistan.

According to Ilta-Sanomat, Rashidov completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics at the Turku Institute of Applied Sciences. He graduated in the spring of 2016.

While studying at the same class, Rashidov had a friend who also had a foreign background.

– They were just the two of them when they were elsewhere. They were on the phone in the corridor like anybody else.

He studied at the same pace with others

Religion was not discussed among students when the courses did not join. One student, however, thinks that Rashidov and this guy were praying.

– They came in later hours and left early. Obviously, they always prayed at a certain time. It was a matter that was agreed with the teachers because the teachers did not react to their tardiness.

According to the classmate, Rashidov graduated at the same time as the others.

– That way, at least he kep up with everyone else. He didn’t have to ask for help in his studies.

One student describes him as a friendly guy and a good friend.

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