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Sweden: Criminals stealing identity of jihadis in Syria, thankful Swedish government not revoking citizenship…….

The problem would be taken care of if their Swedish passport was rescinded, meaning, citizenship revoked for joining up with Islamonazi terrorist group.

Criminals steal the identity of ISIS killers

Several of the 49 Swedish IS fighters who have been killed in Iraq and Syria still live according to Swedish authorities. Now the Swedish Tax Agency warns that identities can be used to fund terrorist activities and other criminal activities.

According to the Security Police, more than 300 people have traveled from Sweden to join terrorist organizations. At least 49 of them should have been killed, but according to the public records many of them are still alive.

“It’s hard to verify that they’re really dead,” says Magnus Ranstorp, a researcher at the Defense Academy in Stockholm.

Many “living”


According to the police, from Örebro, around twenty people have traveled to the conflict area to join terrorist organizations. At least four of them have been killed but according to the people’s records, everyone of them are still alive.

The death notices are often based on data in social media where people are hailed as martyrs. And even if the police and security police find that the person is dead, it is not enough for the Swedish Tax Agency.

– To declare someone dead a death certificate that is genuine is needed. In these cases, there may not be government agencies and others prepared to investigate the fabricated fake documents, “said Pia Bergman, national coordinator at the Swedish Tax Agency.

Stolen identities


At the same time, information about the “killing” are exploited by criminal, and identities are stolen.

“Criminals have earned big money to steal their identities and take loans in their name. There are also information that some have taken out contributions, says Magnus Ranstorp.


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