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Finnish police ‘tight-lipped” over manifesto by Turku knife attack jihadi…….

Lets safely assume that the manifesto is dripping with quotes from the koran, will the media and political class then rush to condemn the founder of Islam as the inspiration to the motives of the jihadi?

Police scrutinise Turku stabbing suspect’s manifesto

The National Bureau of Investigation is looking into a so-called ‘manifesto’ that the main Turku stabbing suspect wrote before the attack. Police are tight-lipped as to the contents of the screed.

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Turun puukottaja poliisin kiinniottamana.
Police detain the suspect after a knife rampage in Turku on 18 August. Image: Kirsi Kanerva / Lehtikuva

Investigators looking into the August 18 Turku stabbing incident have obtained a ‘manifesto’ written by the main suspect in the Turku stabbing incident. Police announced yesterday that they had the document, which was apparently written by Abderrahman Bouanane.


On Wednesday the NBI told Yle that the manifesto is a document written on paper, but were reluctant to give further details.


“It is a kind of declaration or manifesto, but what it means, that’s currently under investigation,” said the lead investigator on the case, Olli Töyräs. “Now we’re looking into how it should be read. Not just a word for word translation, but what it means in relation to this incident and these events.”


Töyräs refused to elaborate on the manifesto’s content or where it had been discovered. In any case he did say that police have no information on how many people have read the document.


According to Helsingin Sanomat, the suspect had sent the text to several people before the attack.


Two men including Bouanane remain in police custody over the incident, in which two people were killed and eight more were injured. They are being held on suspicion of murder with terrorist intent and attempted murder with terrorist intent.



NOTE: Clue-bat for the lackluster journo hacks at Yle, two Finnish victims were murdered, and the other eight were victims of attempted murder. They should never refer to these victims as having been ”killed”.

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