UK Buffoonery Watch: Islam 101 preacher helped in recruitment of foster parents, hosted ‘workshop’…….

This can only happen in a state given entirely to the multi-culti project (actual breakdown of society) with political correctness acting as a barrier against any kind of criticism.

H/T: Tommy Robinson

Revealed: Extremist Islamic preacher hosted foster care workshop

An extremist Islamic preacher helped in the recruitment of foster parents, The Telegraph can disclose, amid a growing row over a Christian child placed in the care of devout Muslims.


The imam hosted a workshop for would-be foster carers just months after the High Court ruled him an “extremist Islamic speaker ” who had “promoted and encouraged religious violence”. His mosque, the Lewisham Islamic Centre, was attended by the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby. The imam and the centre had condemned the murder.


The event was organised on behalf of the London borough of Lewisham as part of a drive to find more Muslims willing to foster children.


The disclosure comes amid a growing furore over the decision by crisis-ridden Tower Hamlets, another London council, to place a five-year-old girl in the care of two Muslim households.


A council source said the borough had a shortage of non-Muslim carers with whom to place Christian children.


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