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Finland: Returning Islamonazis from IS areas offered ”shortcut” to social services to ward off jihad in Helsinki…….

Lunatics…..we are being governed and managed by lunatics…

They’re completely fine with allowing people who have joined up with blood thirsty, tyrannical Islamnazi murderers, to intermingle within Finnish civil society, like they’re Quakers returning from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Lunatics I tell you, lunatics, they care more for these jackals then they do for the normal citizens they’re forcing to coexist with them.

Wrap your head around this logic, not only are these Islamonazis  NOT being refused reentry into Finland, the jackasses who run the social services (welfare state) are admitting that these same people ”might get violent” if they’re not catered to hand and foot and on the public dime.

– Quick help is needed, above all, for children and families returning from the battlefield who have been in a violent environment and have seen and perhaps experienced violence. As for returning-fighters, finding out whether they are guilty of crimes is a priority. Support may also be given to them at a certain discretion, Tarja Mankkinen, Head of Development at the Ministry of the Interior, told Ilta-Sanomat.

Isis fighters returning to Finland have been presented a “shortcut” to social services – the ministry considers it problematic


The authorities have been thinking of creating a bypass to housing queues and social service for ISIS fighters returning to Finland.
Guest combatants  in ISIS areas returning to Finland  with their families lead to threats, that could potentially appear on the streets and violence in schools or, at worst, according to authorities, lead to massacres and terrorist attacks.

Last month, the Ministry of the Interior issued a proposal for co-operation with authorities aimed at reducing threats by promoting the integration of guest fighters and other people in the area, through among other things, social services.

– It is essential for the integrating those returning from the battlefield to get the basic things related to his life, such as housing and a livelihood, say the ministry’s proposal.

MINISTRY points out that, from a legal point of view, it would be a problem to create a ”shortcut” for Isis returnees for the services of society when other citizens are forced to queue up for a long time, for example for housing.

– This is particularly the question of whether such special support is seen so that society rewards those who have acted against society.

According to the Ministry, social workers have to consider the problem in their practical work.

In Vantaa City’s statement, the Ministry of the Interior’s proposal points out that the service system lacks the “special service and special treatment” needed for those returning from the battlefield.

– The risk is that the group in question will be completely outside of the services it needs if the “shortcut” is not developed, said the Vantaa statement.

ILTA-SANOMAT asked Anna Cantell -Forsbomo, Director of Family Services in Vantaa, to clarify the statement.

– I think that integrating into society is the best safeguard against radicalization, housing, work and study are key, Cantell-Forsbom says.

According to Cantell-Forsbom, the threat of radicalization of sfighters could justify the reason for quickly getting an apartment.

– Of course, there should be more support. The dwelling only will not solve anything yet. Other pillars of life must be in order.

There have been some people in Vantaa City’s social  services who have returned from the battlefield. In these situations social services and mental health services have been offered.
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