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Hungary recalls ambassador from Netherlands after Dutch ambassador equates Hungarian gov with Islamic terrorists……

A bit beyond the pale comparison don’t you think?


These sanctimonious virtue signaling moonbats are among the worst of the worse.


Hungary Recalls its Ambassador from Netherlands

Outgoing Dutch Ambassador to Hungary,Gajus Scheltema has in a magazine interview compared the rhetoric of the Hungarian government to that of Islamic terrorists. Hungary has now recalled its Ambassador from the Netherlands and has suspended contact at the Ambassadorial level with the Netherlands indefinitely.


Dutch Foreign Minister, Bert Koenders said that the Netherlands does have some criticism of Hungary which does not accept refugees and has very strict regulations for NGO’s. That, however, has nothing to do with the matters of ISIS and Koenders distancing himself from his Ambassador’s comments.


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  1. Holland deserve everything what comes towards them .
    Like an old game “Who is going to laugh at the end”

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