illegal aliens MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Swedish police correctly raid church harboring illegal aliens, outrage ensues…….

Remember that this is Sweden, so any move against illegal aliens is an eye popping move…

I do not recognize any institution in the civil society having an exclusive right to violate the law, if they claim one, than any organization could do the same.

Swedish police defend actions after church migrants raid

Police in Sweden have defended their actions after a raid on a church activity attended by undocumented migrants and refugees, saying that there is no such thing as protected zones.

Five out of six of the families attending the church-organised activity were taken into custody following the raid, reports news agency TT.


“There are no protected zones according to Swedish law,” police spokesperson Ewa-Gun Westford told TT.


On Friday, a family camp for refugees organised by the Swedish church was held at a youth hostel in northern Skåne. The activity was interrupted by a police patrol of around 30 officers, who arrived without warning the church.


One of the families taken in by police – including children aged four and 11 – remains in police custody, according to the Sydsvenskan newspaper.


The Church has criticised the police action, saying that warning should have been given and that the church should be respected as a place of safety.


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