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Finland: “18 y/o” Turku jihadi knife attacker proven to be 23 y/o, was in school with 15 year olds…..

There you have it…..

KRP: The identity of the main suspect in Turku’s knife attack is confirmed – Born in 1994


The National Bureau of Investigation reported that they have discovered the identity of the main suspect of the Turku attack.
Police have continued over the weekend to investigate the Turku stabbing, reports the National Bureau of Investigation.

The identity of the Moroccan man suspected of murdering for terrorist purposes and attempts has been ensured through international police co-operation. The man’s birth year has been confirmed in 1994, the police say.

According to the police, the main suspect has been questioned and he agreed to communicate with the examiner. However, for investigative reasons, the content of the interviews is not open at this stage.

The police have received numerous observations, pictures and videos of eyewitnesses. The police are still requesting to send any material relating to the possible actions to WhatsApp number 046-534 2316. The number can also be dialed. Other greeting numbers are no longer in use.

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