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Sweden: City to buy burkinis for Muslim school girls for ‘greater participation’…….

It’s an amazing thing to see societies crash before your eyes….

Mind you, the Swedish ruling elite all insist that Sweden is so progressive, feminist etc., yet they remove the third leg from their stool and expect us to believe that they’ll remain seated. Succumbing to Islamic norms will in the end come at the price of a free and liberal society. These people placating this crap are lunatics.

Hässleholm municipality buys burkinis for schoolchildren


Burkini is a full bathing suit Photo: Flickr

Burkini is a full bathing suit Photo: Flickr
  •  Friday, 25 Aug 2017

HÄSSLEHOLM Hässleholm municipality has purchased burkinis for Muslim girls to participate in swimming lessons. Previously, many of the girls have bathed with clothes on and complaints have been received over the amount of bacteria dispersed in the water.


“We know that there are students who can not participate in the swimming lessons, but more comprehensive clothing so that’s simply to get as high a participation as we can,” says Rolf Bengtsson, Deputy Managing Director, Skånska Dagbladet.


In Hässleholm municipality, there has been a demand for burkinis from both the recreation and the child and education administration.


The knowledge requirements for sport clearly show that all students can swim 200 meters to be approved. Until the purchase of burkinis, many Muslim girls have swim with clothes for cover.


“Many people bathed in scarves and clothes, and then thirty million bacteria in the water come from sweat, makeup, stools and anything else that you carry in the water,” says Henrik Samevik, Plant Manager, Skånska Dagbladet.


More here in Swedish.

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