Anti-Islamization Finland

Finnish activist Junes Lokka OBEYS police orders and still gets arrested and camera damaged by Finnish police…….


From what I’m able to ascertain, Finnish blogger/activist/city councilman (in Oulu) Junes Lokka, was arrested during the Finland First demonstartaion in Helsinki’s Kämppi Square after obeying police directives to stay behind a certain perimeter separating the organized demo and Antifa loons on the other side of the square.

Junes was arrested and his property damaged by the police after they told him to keep a distance from Antifa, and as far as I know he was then roughed up by the police while arresting him with his filming equipment getting damaged in the process. I don’t have the full story yet, but the guy is not a violent kind of person, he was just filming antifa lefties that the police successfully kept in order, he was just filming them.

This is what happens when a police force gets politicized.

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