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Finland: Turku jihad stabber knew his 15 y/o victim, sat in the same class as her this past July…….

A so called boy…..

– We’ve been wondering what happened to that boy. He normally went to school, spent time with his friends and seemed normal. We were in the same class in July.

According to the girl, she never talked with Mechkah, but recognized him only by appearance. Moving around the city scares her a bit after a tragic experience, and other family members have been more likely to be on guard than usual.

“Movement seems to be a bit dangerous when Finns look at you in a different way,” says the father of the family.

The Turku stabber knew his 15-year-old victim – the girl: “We were in the same class in July”

The wounded 15-year-old girl in Turku’s terrorist attack was able to identify the attacker as the same boy with whom she was still in the same class in July.
–Ehdin nähdä hänen kasvonsa ja tunnistin hänet, hän ei sanonut mitään, 15-vuotias tyttö kertoo Ilta-Sanomille tilanteesta, josa Abderrahman Mechkah puukotti häntä.

In Turku, a week ago, two people were murdered and eight people injured in a knife attack. The youngest of them is a 15-year-old Kurdish girl who fled with her family from war in Syria two years ago.

The girl who has been stabbed in her shoulder has been out of the hospital already after a couple of nights and recovery has progressed well.


– Still a little bit worse, stitches were taken out today, the girl tells Ilta-Sanomat in Turku on Friday.


He had just gotten out of guitar lessons and walked to the Market Square when it started to happen.


– I noticed people were running. I did not realize there was someone killing people there, the girl says.


HE was at the corner of the Market Square at the intersection of Yliopistonkatu and Kauppiaskatu, where stabber Abderrahman Mechkah approached. The girl says she saw a woman leaping to the ground a bit further away.


It was the second stabbing victim who later died in the hospital.


– I did not see what the boy did to the woman. I thought the woman had fainted and fell from fear. I did not notice the knife because it was wrapped in a concealed white cloth.

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