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Finland: Jihad researcher correctly says jihad is religious terrorism (Islam 101)…….

Atte Kaleva was kidnapped and held for ransom in Yemen, the man has had a chance to observe Islam up and ugly like on a first hand basis. He knows what he’s talking about.

“Jihadism is religious terrorism whose aspiration is to transform Islamic society through violence, to break down the social structure and at the same time to stir up secular Muslims to realize that they are sinful.”

Researcher Atte Kaleva criticizes Europe for making mistakes in combating terrorism: “Open borders have been built – realism has to be reached”

Mirva Heiskanen26.8. 9:06

Has Islamist terror come to Europe to stay, security entrepreneur and jihad researcher Atte Kaleva ?


“The global jihadist movement was born when the first jihadists left for Afghanistan at the time of Soviet occupation. The second generation fought in Chechnya and Bosnia. ”


“The current generation of Isis generals of global terrorism exists for another 15-20 years. If they radicalize more people then the problem continues. Unfortunately, it seems that this is a long-term and serious problem that has come to stay in Europe and Finland. ”


What now accelerates terrorist activities?


“On the big scale Isis destruction. They lose areas in Syria, their star is falling. In the past, propaganda was that the caliphate was coming here. Now it is stay at home and do attacks there. ”


“That’s how Isis can make spectacular attacks with the very smallest resources.”


“The main reason is that Isis’s land connection to Turkey is broken, so it will no longer be possible for the Caliphate to fight.”


At this stage, we do not know whether the Turku stabber has contacts with any particular organization.

“We do not, but the authorities will not investigate this as a terrorist act with light evidence. Then we talk about political and religious terrorism. ”


“Jihadism is religious terrorism whose aspiration is to transform Islamic society through violence, to break down the social structure and at the same time to stir up secular Muslims to realize that they are sinful.”


What other forces behind the European terrorist cells is like Isis?


“Another actor in the global jihad is al Qaeda, but it has fallen far since Osama Bin Laden was killed.”


“Such Lone Wolves, i.e. lone Wolf terrorism, is according to research, not at all. This is a good thing for the authorities, because then the authorities can detect and intervene in communication. ”


In Finland, the National Bureau of Investigation raised their threat assessment in November 2015 and the threat of Turku was met. How has Finland’s status changed in the eyes of terrorist organizations ?


“Finland has changed from a country whose location no one even knew, such that it was quoted. Finland is a Christian-based western country and no longer neutral in jihadist organizations’ eyes. Finns who have flown from Finland have moved back to Finland. ”


Finland is not used to this. Are we particularly vulnerable?


“This could easily be imagined, but if you look at the shocking events in Turku, yes, that is the authorities acting exceptionally well.”


“Likewise, the citizens took the initiative in their own hands. It seems that Finland is not very vulnerable. ”


The Turku attacker had  a negative decision of his aplication. You have said that the Aliens Act and the Asylum Seeking Process should be renewed. What do you mean?


“The current asylum process is intended to allow individuals to come from time to time and their backgrounds are carefully checked. If there are 50,000 applicants per year, this process is too heavy. The entire foreign law should be re-thought. ”


“A person has to spend up to one and a half years in the reception center when he or she is seeking asylum without knowing if he or she can or will he go. This is the institutionalizing factor. ”


“It would be ideal if they were not to seek asylum inside Finland, as this creates a huge market for human traffickers, but from outside Finland. Close to the crisis areas could be the EU asylum camps where the process would begin. It would provide language and cultural education. One can demonstrate with his own activity that he is committed to Finland. ”


“When granted asylum, it would be granted to the whole family, father, mother, children, grandparents all at once.”


Where would these camps be?


“In Turkey, North Africa, Libya, or even in Egypt, where there would be space and the state would be willing to host the camp. The EU would bear the costs. At the same time, money could be taken care of by a far greater number of people in distress than they are now. Karma in the venerable Mediterranean Sea would end and human traffickers would be unemployed. ”


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