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Finland: Influential Muslim says jihadist network in Turku, lots of jihadis, Finns haven’t a clue…….

H/T:  : “It’s worth only believing impartial sources. Because some of the Political Sunnis & Shiites are enemies.”

Influential Muslim speaks to Iltalehti: There really is a jihadist network in Turku – radical preachers in average mosques

Saturday 26.8.2017 at 06.34 (updated at 09.10)


Recruiters of the Turku stabbing suspect are in Finland, believes an influential source from within the Finnish Muslim community to the Iltalehti.


  • The knowledgeable source from within the Muslim community in Finland tells Iltalehti that there is an active jihadist network in Turku, which, after the attack, retreated underground.
  • According to the Muslim man, jihadist sermons are even held in average mosques in Finland.
  • According to him, Muslims at risk of being marginalized are particularly vulnerable to jihadist recruiters .


Lets call him Abu. He is an influential voice from within the Muslim community in Finland and has good contacts in Turku even though he is not a local. Otherwise, we do not need to know more about him because he wants to tell his sensitive information anonymously.


– The Turku jihadists are all gone underground: they are not keeping in contact, they are not moving in sight, not even in the mosque. Dust is being allowed to settle down. Supo knows who they are, he says.


He does not have a full description of the authorities activities.


– Supo and KRP fight each other. They’re all messed up, he muses.


He does not have a flattering view of politicians. They think that they are completely wasting time/effort with wire tap legislation.

– As long as there are prepaid subscriptions in Finland, how do you listen to them, he asks.



Hundreds of jihadists


Abu tells that hundreds of jihadists live in Finland. In Turku,there’s a lot of them living there….”a lot”.


Finns have such an image that there are no jihadists in the country, but Abu has a different view. He says that there is (incitement) preaching, even in general mosques. In addition, meetings can be held in private homes. Of those speeches, the Finns do not know anything.



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