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Finland: Imam of Turku shiite prayer room feigns ignorance of radical sermons, expects us to take his word for it…….

Then they can’t be sharia compliant Muslims, and they are…

No one should blame individual Muslims for the crimes of others, but we need to reject their apologetics that their mosques are not preaching some kind of Islamic anti-social messaging. If they’re sharia compliant, then they begin their prayers inciting against the non-Muslim host society and Jews as well. If hidden cameras were taken into these mosques, you’ll see the exact same kind of Islam 101 rhetoric as in other videos taken inside mosques in Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Brussells, France and Germany and elsewhere. Don’t try and blow sunshine up our butts.

Turku Muslim Muslim community rejects claims of radicalism: “If that were the case, the police would arrest us”

Saturday 26.8.2017 at 18.02 (updated at 19.20)

According to Varissuo’s prayer room, the community has no knowledge that Nation Bureau of Investigation (NBI) would have warned about anyone from that place and its people.

  • In eastern Turku, the crowd in the Varissuo community rejects arguments about radicalism.
  • Likewise, they deny that Supo would have warned about the community in that community in 2016.
  • The Security Police do not comment on this in any way.

The prayer room in Turku Varissuo has received attention in the aftermath of Turku’s knife attack. Iltalehti reported on Friday that the NBI would have warned the locals about the shiia muslims activities in the prayer room last year.


The oldest, Afghan-based Muhammad Azizi , the community’s oldest prayer room, says the claim can not be true.


– If our place really preaches radical Islamism, then the police would probably arrest us.


He adds that nobody has knowledge that the NBI would have warned anyone of that place and its people.


– Our prayer and meeting rooms have been in place for years. So far, we have not received any kind of complaint about our actions.


Security Officer Communications Verna Leinonen says that the authorities have nothing to tell about the Varissuo community – and not of any other ethnic community in Finland.


– The police do not discuss the operational activity in public, he said to Iltalehti on Saturday.


Multicultural area


Many people from Varissuo, East Turku, are immigrant backgrounds. According to Aziz, multiculturalism is seen as a community and a diversity in everyday life.


– People in the room of prayer come from different backgrounds. They live in Varissuo and people will also be present elsewhere in Turku. In general, it is good to live in Varissuo, this is a communal place.


However, after the events in Turku, the atmosphere has tightened.


Azizi is afraid that tensions might break out in a very unpleasant way.


He takes responsibility not only for his actions but also for his messages.


– It is very dangerous in this situation that inaccuracies and rumors are spread in the media or elsewhere. The authorities have their hands full of work anyway. There is a risk that someone is provoked from the stories and someone in our community will get blamed.


Many immigrants in the Turku region have also been victims of terror in their own countries.


– There are people in our community who have been forced to flee their homes because of terror. We were very sad when one of the 50-year-old Iraqi men told us he left home for terror. Are you then suspected of terrorism?


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