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Muslim Brotherhood has extensive networks in the West – Connections also in Finland…….

I have earlier reported my own findings of MB connections in Finland, Anas Hajjar an imam from Syria. He was pictured in a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood connected CAIR organization not too long ago. 


K & K: Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood has extensive networks in the West – Connections also in Finland

Friday 25.8.2017 at 08.45

According to a researcher interviewed by the Church and the City, the Muslim Brotherhood appears publicly as a friend of democracy, but a different message is marketed in the organization’s own materials.


The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organization also has networks in Finland, according to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Church and the City .


According to the magazine, the organization’s ideology has been represented by the Islamic Community Rabita Mosque since 1987. The second link to the Muslim Brotherhood is a newspaper published in 2006 by the Finnish Islamic Council (Sine), which represents over a dozen Muslim organizations.


Today, Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in the 1920s, influence among Western Muslims, is, according to the magazine, small. The Brotherhood, however, receives wealth from the rich Gulf states which enable it to efficiently organize itself.


Political scientist Lorenzo Vidino of the United States George Washington University tells the magazine that the Muslim Brotherhood is now a “loose alliance”, where organizations of different countries share the same belief system but choose the tactics appropriate to their own situation.


– These organizations are bound together by a deep belief in Islam as an all-encompassing way of life which, in the longer term, by applying different tactics, they hope to evolve into a political system, the supporter says to the Church and the City.


There are hundreds of Western organizations in the association of Muslim Brotherhood. According to a researcher Vidino, the Brotherhood seems to be “in one way” completely non-violent, for example it has not recruited jihadists in Syria. However, at the time of the Palestine uprising, organizations associated with the Brotherhood have allegedly been funding the Hamas terrorist organization with millions of dollars.



According to researcher Vidino, the Muslim Brotherhood appears publicly as a friend of democracy, but the organization’s own materials market another message. Contradiction to European values ​​include women’s rights and homosexuality.


According to Vidino, the Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist threat to Europe or the United States, but the increase in Islamist thinking makes it difficult for immigrants to integrate.


Source: Church and City (Kirkko ja Kaupunki) .


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