UK buffoonery: Sentence of Afghan murderer who attacked police with claw hammer halved…….

Who cares if he’s acting like a role model prisoner…..?

Afghan murderer, 35, who was let into Britain unchecked then viciously attacked two police officers with a claw hammer has his life sentence slashed in half

  • Jamshid Piruz, 35, served half of a 12-year jail term for killing his tenant 
  • He arrived in Britain in 2015 to visit relatives but missed his flight back 
  • The Dutch citizen was arrested afterwards for spitting at airline staff 
  • He then conducted a series of burglaries, one of which led to him attacking officers Jessica Chick and Stuart Young 
  • The former told the court that she thought she was going to die in the attack
  • Last week appeal court judges slashed his minimum sentence to just three years 


An Afghan murderer who was allowed into Britain unchecked and then attacked two police officers with a hammer has had his sentence slashed in half by appeal judges.


Jamshid Piruz, 35, was handed a life sentence earlier this year after he launched a frenzied attack on the two officers in East Sussex.


He cornered PC Jessica Chick and lashed out wildly at her with the claw hammer before repeatedly hitting her colleague PC Stuart Young.


Both officers suffered injuries in the terrifying attack and thought they were going to be killed.


It later emerged Piruz had served time in jail for murder after brutally killing a woman in his flat.

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