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Norway: Imam uses Friday prayers to talk about parliamentary elections, ”wants to better Norwegian society”…….

Yeah, he wants to make Norwegian society a better place to live in…….but for Muslims.

Basically he’s telling people who to vote for in order to advance Islamic norms. That’s my bet.

Uses the Friday prayers to talk about the parliamentary elections

The Islamic Cultural Center Mosque in Oslo will create political commitment among Muslims and invite debate. The election participation in parliamentary elections among Norwegian citizens with immigrant backgrounds has been around 50 percent in the last four parliamentary elections.


2000 Muslims attend the Friday prayer in the Islamic Cultural Center Mosque in Greenland every week. After prayer, it is common for the imam to have a friday talk, a so-called khutba . The language can be about religion, politics and other social issues.


Now that the parliamentary elections are approaching, imam Hamid Farooq believes that it is natural to talk about the parliamentary elections in the mosque.

“As a Muslim and Norwegian citizen, I am obliged to try to make society a better place to live in. To do that, it is important to participate in the parliamentary elections.


– Will create engagement

Ayusha Awan

Ayusha AwanThis week, the Mosque Islamic Cultural Center organizes an election debate to increase the election participation among those who go there.


“I think there are very young people who are not interested in politics, but the choice concerns them. They may think that this is boring, but it’s not when they start to interest themselves and understand what the different parties mean.


More here in Norwegian



NOTE: Any Islamic intervention, political or seemingly otherwise, is for the advancement of Islam, they may talk a big game, but we all know what motivates them, to turn existing non-Islamic societies into being being more sharia compliant then Islamic. Full stop.



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