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Iranian-Finn terrorism expert Alan Salehzadeh: Shi’a Lobby Led by Iran Has Infiltrated Finland…….


Ok, Alan labels it ”political Islam” when my readers already know it (correctly) as Islam 101/Post-Hijra Islam or just plain Islam, but I cut him some slack, he knows exactly what’s in question and writes about it in the Finnish media and with great personal risk to himself.


I’m not an absolutist, but a pragmatist, lets just move the ball forward in our direction first before succumbing to the urge to splinter into this or that group, give some benefit of the doubt for Pete’s sake.


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Shi’a lobby led by Iran has infiltrated Finland

Over the last five years, Iran has built a strong lobbying system for Western countries through Iranian government supporters and Iraqi and Syrian European Shiite Communities. The Shiite lobbyists loyal to the Iranian state have firmly infiltrated Finnish society as well as elsewhere in Europe.


Iran-led Shiite organizations have targeted recruitment in Europe for Muslims who support political Islam. They want to live in a society that adheres to 100% Islamic rules. Such people in Europe are surprisingly large. Political Shiite Islamists in the EU are well-organized and are in close co-operation with parent organizations in Islamic countries. In Europe, political Shiite Muslims cooperate directly or indirectly, in particular with Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen Shiites. Surprisingly, Iranian lobbyists have good relations with certain members of the Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni) in Finland. They combine a similar ideology with anger against Saudi Arabia and Israel.


The task of Shiia lobbyists is to blackmail certain people, Sunni states and organizations and spread a positive image of Iran and Shi’ite belief. This despite the fact that some of the Shiite organizations and states are as bad as ISIS and Al-Qaida. Iranian and Iraqi Shi’a organizations systematically restrict democratic elements, narrow the equality of women and oppress the rights of the Sunni and ethnic minorities. Isis was born partly because Iranian and Iraqi Shiites cooperated against the Sunni. Isis is partly a counter reaction to this pressure.


The interests of political Islam have the potential to infiltrate society as much as possible, such as parties, agencies and universities. In this way, both Shi’ite and Sunni radicals can more effectively push their ideological interests and increase their power in Europe. Those who have come to such positions do not come up with ideals that are contrary to ideology, such as gender equality. Instead, they try to use the power that is given to them, to promote political Islamic values and community affairs.


Shiia lobbyists have infiltrated political parties all over Europe. Rarely have I come across, for example, the fact that some parties might undermine the activities of the Iranian or Iraqi Shiite organizations. Do you find Shiite lobbies in the ranks of major parties?


Shiia lobbyists in Finnish media


Some media in Finland also give a positive picture of Shiite organizations and states like Iran. It’s okay to ask why this is and how it works. In the Middle East, we are actively trying to influence Western news, where a Finnish expert should know how to prepare. The rulers of some countries do their utmost to remain in power, without resorting to any means. One way is that the authorities in these countries try to buy, bribe, attract and influence influential people in the West, including Finland. Dictators in such countries want to give an improved picture of countries out of their control abroad and may try to atomize or silence the right experts.


The “expert” of the Shi’a background may be talking in the media very loudly about ISIS, but are quiet about the terrorists in their own camp. A Sunni-backed expert, on the other hand, criticizes Iran’s tangling in the Syrian conflict, but does not criticize Turkey or its actions. The public’s responsibility is to build the most accurate patchwork of reality on the scattered pieces of information.


Fortunately, Finnish experts are aware of these types and know how to turn their backs on them. Some media and executives may, for example, obtain information from only one source, unconsciously or intentionally, even if other information sources related to the same subject are available with little effort.


However, I believe that there are groups in Finland who act in the name of impartial organizations but who are clearly biased towards Middle East issues. Such people give, intentionally or unknowingly wrong information, creating a black and white picture in Finland


What can you do?


It is impossible for a party or any other organization to thoroughly review all backgrounds and it would not always be legal. Many are afraid of being labeled as racist if they are tempted to suspect a stranger of being connected to terrorism. Still, keep your eyes and ears open and remember that Finland is not separate from the rest of the world. There are also people living here who are, to a large extent, connected with major international conflicts. The authorities have a duty to ensure that the ideology of political Islam can not be used here.


It would be good to be able to distinguish a representative of political Islam from ordinary Muslims. It would also be good to check the possible links between different religious and ethnic organizations working in Finland in extremities in the country before giving them annual financial support, in addition to supporting culture, that the support does not end up funding extremists.


Alan Salehzadeh


NOTE: The Sunni Muslim Brotherhood has also infiltrated Finland as well. Here’s a picture of Sunnis and Shiia leaders in Finland visiting the Muslim Brotherhood linked CAIR in the US just a year or so ago:


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  1. Finland has a border with Russia, Putin is in talks with Israel presently. Russia will not tolerate Islam, yesterday 200 Shiia terrorists were shot dead before being able to mount an attack on a Russian city. If Europe has any sense she will ally with Russia to deal with Islam via Iran. M.O.A.B’s can take out military weapons depo’s and Nuclear research units. Iranians would rather be free than suffer any longer under Fanatical religious madman. You must all have noticed the immigrants from the mid east, we are getting are Muslims who have probably not read the Koran (evil ) and if they have only follow the passages on war and blood letting. A few educated Muslims are the leaders of these factions and glory in all the blood, gore and rape. The women are totally helpless as are the children. Europe needs to act.

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