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One of the Turku suspects has a criminal record in Finland, sexual assault, on probation…….

H/T: ‏:  Mitä se siis vielä teki Suomessa?? (What’s he still doing in Finland??)

One of Turku suspects has a criminal background – 18 y/o man convicted of forced sexual act

Varsinais-Suomen käräjäoikeuden mukaan yhdellä Turun terrori-iskun vuoksi pidätettynä olevista miehistä on helmikuussa langetettu tuomio seksuaalirikoksesta.

The 18-year-old man was convicted of a sexual assault.

According to the District Court of Southwest Finland, one of the men arrested for the Turku terrorist attack has been convicted of a sexual offense in February. SILJA VIITALA

One of the Turku stabbing suspects has been found to have a criminal record in Finland. According to the District Court of Southwest Finland, at the time of the act, a 17-year-old man was sentenced last February to conditional imprisonment for sexual assault.


More here @ IL (in Finnish)

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    1. I’ve seen it, but I can’t determine the veracity of the claim. I took a different track, and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch ran my entire post. It’s irrelevant whether a couple of Muslims helped out, it does nothing to detract from the fact (it underlines it) that it’s completely impossible to vet these people coming into the country. You might get a few that will actually help, but it just takes one, and under two minutes, to murder two people and wound eight more.

  1. This is Finland problem
    They should know the only way to change a convicted rapist terrorist is with a regiment of hugs and kisses and teddy bears
    Also throw in a free apartment .

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