Finland Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finns Party leader Jussi Halla-aho: “Policy makers have to bear the responsibility for the consequences of their policies”…….

More sane politics is in order here, and fast.

Condolences to those involved in the Turku terror attack

According to current information, there are two deaths and several injured in the terrorist attacks in Turku. The situation was not unexpected, but obviously part of the series of Islamist attacks in Europe. Like many other blows to Europe, the suspect is an Arab who exploited the asylum system.


The leadership of the Finns Party and the Parliamentary Group expresses its condolences to the victims and their relatives. At the same time, we recall that Islamic terrorism is the result of a long-running, relentless immigration policy and the unsuccessful integration of these migrants.


Condolences and trivialities are not enough. Policy makers have to bear the responsibility for the consequences of their policy, to identify the motives of terrorists and to take legislative and other measures to break terrorist attacks on innocent bystanders.


Security measures restricting the freedom of movement and the freedoms of ordinary citizens are not right or even an effective mode of action. The flow of asylum seekers through safe countries like Sweden has to be cut off. Asylum applications must be handled promptly and those who have received a negative decision must be removed from the country without delay. Persons waiting to be removed from the country can not be allowed to be remain on their own cognizance because the risk to public security is obvious.

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