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Finland: Police certain of identity of stabber in Turku square, Finnish personality heard allahu akbar shouted…….

Yes, police still trying to determine the jihadi’s motive.

Former Miss Finland contestant insists he shouted Allahu Akbar:

Miss Finland contestant in the middle of Turku attack: “The man with a beard who carried the knife cried out to Allah”[…]
Then a young woman had to face the attacker himself.
– He walked us toward his arms outstretched and cried to Allah. I thought at first that he might have a bomb, but then he noticed that in his other hand was a bloody knife.
The beauty pageant competitor says that the attacker was clearly foreign-based, but the biggest heroes were also foreign-based men.

Police relatively confident about the identity of the suspect in Turku’s stabbing – several people were caught

Saturday 19.8.2017 at 01.33 (updated at 09.52)

The identity of the suspect quarrel in Turku is already relatively secure, says criminal commissar Markus Laine of the National Bureau of Investigation.


According to him, the police have a few alternatives to the identity and security of the suspect during the night and the morning.


The police said earlier that a suspect in Turku’s stabbing is a young man with a foreign background.


The suspect in the stabbing has not yet been consulted due to his state of health. There is still no clarity about the motive of the act, and the possibility of a terrorist act can not be ruled out by the police.


Laine does not take a stand on where the suspect is.


– Yes, she is going to be there (hospitals), but I hope she will be there because she has been fired, Laine says to STT.


Laine says that the police have also picked up several people for probable cause.


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