#GardenofSweden : Many reported sex crimes at festivals…….

Lots more self imposed enrichment going on than before…

Many reported sex crimes at festivals

Public records and full houses – but also drugs, sexual offenses and canceled festivals. At the same time, the police’s cooperation with the organizers of security at summer festivals has led to more notifications this year.


Way Out West beat public records and Sweden Rock sold out tickets. But, like last year, a great deal of reporting around the festivals summer has focused on sexual offenses and drugs.
For example, 17 reports were made about sexual assaults, and a teenage girl is suspected of being raped in public during the Bråvalla Festival. 18 cases of sexual abuses were reported during the Malmöfestival opening weekend, according to Sydsvenskan , and records were recorded in the number of drug trafficking cases at the Emmaboda festival.
But what are apples and what are pears? Parallel with the reporting of sexual offenses and drugs, there has also been reported a stronger police presence at various festivals. For example, during the Emmabodafestival, where the police in an interview with SVT Småland stated that the reason for the many reports was that there had been a greater effort, with nearly 100 police involved this year.

H/T: Fjordman

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