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Canada: Stifling Free Speech panel event cancelled at Ryerson University by the usual suspects of the anti-free speech Left …….

This guy looks tired, it has to be tough being labeled ”the worst of the worst” by those who actually are the worst of the worst.


Calling Rebel Media ”far-right” says more about those doing the labeling, than about that news media organization itself.

Peterson said the cancellation is “an indication of the crazy absurdity that characterizes the current political situation. There’s an element of surrealism to it.”
But he has increased sympathy for a safety argument, he said, given the “inflamed rhetoric” the protesters used.
“I think there’s no excuse for what they’re doing, with the Nazi symbolism. It’s very, very dangerous to engage in that kind of casual vilification,” he said.

Facing pushback, Ryerson University cancels panel discussion on campus free speech

The event was slated to feature controversial speakers including U of T professor Jordan Peterson and journalist Faith Goldy, who works for the far-right Rebel Media


Ryerson University has canceled a panel discussion called “The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses” following pushback from activists who said the event was giving a platform to fascists.


The event, which was set for August 22, was slated to feature controversial speakers including University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson, who rose to prominence after refusing to use students’ preferred pronouns, and journalist Faith Goldy, who works for the far-right Rebel Media. Behavioural scientist Gad Saad and psychologist Oren Amitay rounded out the roster.


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