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Bruce Bawer: Just like the good old Soviet days, EU commissioner Avramopoulos strives to enforce ”proper solidarity”……..

Defeating Soviet tyranny only to see it crop up dressed in a blue flag with stars…


EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos strives to enforce “proper solidarity.”

On November 13, 1968, Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, delivered a now-famous speech spelling out the “Brezhnev doctrine,” which was intended to justify the recent invasion of Czechoslovakia and to warn other Soviet satellites not to try to escape Moscow’s orbit. The Czechs and Slovaks had wanted to tear themselves away from Soviet control and live in a free country like those of Western Europe; in Brezhnev’s oration, this desire was transformed, via the magic of Kremlin Newspeak, into an attempt by “imperialist” countries to “sow dissension” in “individual socialist states,” thereby turning them away from “the principles of Marxism-Leninism.” While professing to “respect…sovereignty,” Brezhnev warned that any “deviation from socialism” was unacceptable and would necessitate “military assistance” by the USSR and its “allies” to any “fraternal country” facing “a threat to the socialist system.”


A brief glossary: imperialist was, of course, a euphemism for free and democratic; socialist, for totalitarian Communist; ally and fraternal country, for satellite or vassal or puppet state; military assistance, for a full-scale invasion by the Red Army, which would crush the democratic resistance and execute its leaders.


Brezhnev’s message, filtered through all those euphemisms, was clear to the comrades inside the Iron Curtain: obey, or be invaded.


Flash forward to 2017. In June, the European Commission sues the governments of Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic for refusing to accept so-called migrants from the Middle East and north Africa who are currently working on their tans in Greece and Italy. The governments hold firm. On July 26, Moscow – sorry, Brussels – gives them an ultimatum: they have one month to snap into line. On the same day, an official at the Court of Justice of the European Union rules that the EC’s migrant-relocation orders are legal. Well, naturally they’re legal: the EU itself makes the laws under which it operates. Just as the system of government in the good old Eastern bloc provided no peaceful way for the oppressed masses to question or check or challenge Moscow’s power, so the eminentos in Brussels have defanged their own subject peoples, fobbing off on them a parliament that has no authority whatsoever to initiate legislation and that is effectively subordinate to the unelected, autocratic Politburo – sorry, European Commission.


There are good reasons, needless to say, why Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic would prefer not to follow the EC’s directives on migrants. Just look at a map of where European jihadist attacks have occurred in recent years. There’s a simple reason why one city after another in western Europe has been targeted while eastern Europe has been almost entirely spared. It’s called border control. Unlike most of the technocrats who run Western Europe, most of the leaders of Eastern Europe have put the interests of their own people above those of unvetted – and unvettable – foreigners claiming to be refugees.


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