Islam in the UK MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

UK: Former Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commissioner: ”Sex gang perps share Muslim faith”…….


Hits out at political correctness, the BBC and charges of ‘Islamophobia’.


The former Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commissioner has said that it is time to face up to the truth when it comes to identifying grooming gangs, pointing out that the perpetrators largely share the Islamic faith.


Writing in The Telegraph, Phillips said: “Labelling this phenomenon an ‘Asian’ crime is therefore an evasion. It also insults the largest single ethnic minority group in the UK – Hindu Indians – who consider themselves Asian, and the many East Asians who have made the UK their home. Neither group has been even remotely associated with these crimes.


“What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. It is not Islamophobic to point this out, any more than it would be racist to point out that the most active persecutors of LGBT people come from countries where most people are, like me, black.”


Phillips goes on to point out how some including the BBC shy away from any charges of “Islamophobia” to the point of avoiding cold hard reality.


More here. H/T: Tommy Robinson

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